The 贝林大学指南: Handbook and Catalog

The following guides provide general information and 常见问题 about the undergraduate and graduate programs offered at Bellin College. 

注意: Students that started in a different academic year can find copies of past guides located at the bottom of  the homepage of each guide  linked above. 

The College guides summarize campus information pertaining to College resources, policies and procedures as well as student services and academic planning. The guides are not intended to establish, nor do they establish a contractual relationship.

From time to time, changes occur in academic requirements, courses offered and general policies. Students will be informed of changes through established procedures which protect the student’s interest and welfare and the College’s integrity.

These digital guides are in effect until they are superseded by an updated version of the 贝林大学指南.

If discrepancies exist between either official 贝林大学指南 – Handbook & Catalog or Bellin College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Guide and printed materials or electronic information, the most current digital copy of the Guide available on the College website shall have precedence unless other sources specifically state that they are the official source in lieu of the digital copy of either Guides.

贝林大学指南手册 & Catalog and the Bellin College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Guide are not intended to create or represent a contractual relationship between the College and any student. 导游, in conjunction with other official College documents such as Financial Aid 政策及程序, are intended to provide a student reference for rules, 规定, policies and procedures governing student behavior and the College’s expectations of its students.

Students are responsible to become familiar with information in all of the listed College documents and adhere to the policies contained in these documents. Bellin College reserves the right to make changes in its policies and procedures as conditions warrant.