作为一所专门致力于培养医疗保健专业人员的大学, Bellin College offers general education courses that are catered to students with an interest in healthcare. 通识教育计划网上买足球彩票app以下目标:

  • To provide students with broad knowledge 和 intellectual concepts to complement their healthcare specialization.
  • 为学生提供智力刺激,鼓励终身学习.


  • 学生将通过写作和口语进行有效的沟通.
  • 学生将识别和应用数学和科学推理技能来解决问题.
  • 学生将展示批判性思维能力.
  • Students will exhibit an underst和ing of the processes of the natural world 和 人类 interaction with it.
  • Students will display an underst和ing of honest 和 ethical behavior 和 an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

All currently enrolled Bellin College undergraduate students take the General Education Core Classes, 其中包括以下*:

BI 156:解剖学 & 生理学我
BI 256:解剖学 & 生理学二世
DI 202:保健领域的多样性问题
EN 115:作文和专业写作
PH 202:医学伦理学导论
PS 105:心理学导论

*Suitable upper-level substitutions exist for some classes; Bellin College does accept substitutions from transfer institutions.

The broad knowledge students gain from the General Education program provides a foundation for students to succeed in their majors 和 ultimately in their professions. 批判性思维, 沟通, 科学和数学素养, 伦理决策, 对多样性的欣赏是该项目突出的方面.

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BI 156:解剖学 和 Physiology: 4 credits (3 credits theory; 1 credit lab)


两道菜中的第一道菜, this course provides a lecture 和 laboratory study of the structure 和 function of 人类 cells, 与人体健康和生物学有关的组织、器官和身体系统. The course stresses homeostatic control systems 和 coordinated body functions with an emphasis on the integumentary, 骨骼, 肌肉发达的, 紧张, 内分泌系统. 先决条件:没有.

BI 352: Microbiology: 4 credits (3 credits, theory; 1 credit, lab)


本课程涵盖微生物学原理,重点是微生物与人类疾病.  主题包括微生物学概述, 生物技术与免疫学, 强调鉴定和特征, 由器官系统组织的微生物的疾病传播与临床致病性. 在完成, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of microorganisms 和 the disease process as well as aseptic 和 sterile techniques.

BU 320:医疗保健管理基础:3学分,理论


This course exp和s the student’s knowledge of the organization 和 function of health care systems 和 their interrelationships. 规划的概念, 组织, 团队建设, 人员配备, 我们会在任务中讨论控制问题, 值, 以及系统/组织的战略计划. Quality improvement 和 the utilization of resources to deliver optimum health care at a reasonable cost will be addressed. (业务选修)

EN 115:作文和专业写作:3学分,理论(2部分)


本课程为学生提供大学水平的写作技巧和描述原则, 叙述, 比较分析, 研究, 说服, 和APA格式. 课程还包括专业和技术写作的元素.

EN 310:移情倾听,身份和疾病:3学分,理论

本课程汇集了个人, 人类, 以及对健康和疾病的亲身经历, 小说, 回忆录, 论文, 诗歌, 和电影理论, 科学, 以及制度上的理解,以创造对患者健康更全面的认识, 疾病, 和, 最重要的是, 身份.

HC 105:医学术语:2学分,理论

This course introduces students to the language of medical terminology 和 the importance of proper medical term usage. Focus is placed on accurate spelling 和 pronunciation of terms; building knowledge of basic medical vocabulary with an emphasis on prefixes, 后缀, roots; combining word forms; 和 developing a comprehension of medical terminology related to each system of the body.

HD 300:成年和老龄化;,3学分,理论

This course is designed to give students an accurate underst和ing of the 心理 changes that individual’s experience as they grow across the adult life span: young adult, 中间成年, 老年人. 学生将从跨专业的角度审视生命周期, 强调生理的相互作用, 心理, 文化, 和 social aspects of 人类 development while examining the dynamic forces that underlie 和 produce changes. The course will emphasize the need for identifying the ever-changing relationships between the individual 和 society that help to shape the experience of aging 和 emphasizing the topical areas in which 心理 change occurs.

HS 210: 20世纪美国历史及其对健康的影响:3学分,理论

从冷战看进步时代, this course considers the circumstances around some of the major public health 和 healthcare events of the 20th century in the United States by framing them through the history that made them possible. 特别是, the course examines how the social history of 20th Century America was often tied to the health of the nation’s citizens through public health initiatives, 个人选择, 以及政府的回应. 涵盖的医疗保健主题包括, 但不限于, 接种疫苗, 食品药品改革, 医疗访问, 女性的健康.



本课程是对基本代数技巧的学习, 包括对初等函数性质的研究, 比如多项式, 绝对值, 激进的, 理性的, 指数, 和对数函数. 主题包括方程、不等式、函数和它们的图形. 学生解释,分析,解决和制定数学和现实世界的问题.

MA 230:统计学:3学分,理论


This course introduces students to the basic statistical skills used in evidence-based health care 研究. Students will acquire the skills to analyze data using commonly employed computer packages to generate descriptive 和 inferential studies. 统计技术将包括集中趋势的描述性度量, 变异, 以及相关和推论检验,包括t检验和一般线性模型. 先决条件:没有

PH 202:医学伦理学导论:3学分,理论


医学领域包含了几乎无穷无尽的伦理问题. 在这个课堂上, we will lay the groundwork of ethical theory 和 then quickly analyze ethical issues in clinical practice 和 social justice issues in the medical field. 然后我们将转向具体的伦理问题, 比如器官移植, 干细胞研究, 安乐死, 堕胎, 基因增强.

PH 360:当代医疗保健问题:3学分,理论


This course focuses on important issues currently facing the medical community 和 society at large.  主题可能包括医疗保健的文化方法, 残疾和老化, 疗养院和辅助生活设施的历史, 临终决定, 使用电子健康记录技术, 医疗保健的社会和政治方法, 医疗保健费用, 怀孕伦理, 疫苗伦理, 医疗失误和过度治疗, 等.

PS 105:心理学导论:3学分,理论


学生将获得人类行为和认知过程研究的入门课程. 主题包括心理过程的生物学基础, 生命的发展, 学习理论, 人格理论, 感知, 内存, 意识状态, 压力和情绪, 以及社会心理学, 等.

PS 110: Developmental Psychology; 3 credits, theory

发展心理学研究人类整个生命周期的成长和发展. Students learn the characteristics of development from conception to death 和 the various influences on the development of 人类 beings. Topics include the biological, physical, cognitive, 和 socioemotional aspects of 人类 development.

SP 150:卫生专业人员西班牙语:3学分,理论


This course provides both future 和 current health professionals an introduction to the Spanish language 和 the cultures of Spanish-speaking persons. Students will gain familiarity with basic written 和 oral vocabulary to prepare them for interactions with Spanish-speaking patients in a variety of settings. 以top没有西班牙语的经验是必需的.

SS 100:学生成功:1学分,理论(2部分)


This course is designed to help students learn 和 improve skills 和 strategies that are essential to academic success. 主题包括专业性, 时间管理, 学习技巧, 做笔记, 应试策略, 压力管理, 阅读策略和论文写作, 等. 先决条件:没有  

Bellin College also accepts general education credits from accredited two 和 four-year institutions; as well as offers specific transfer agreements with certain colleges.


足球彩票的通识教育课程可以转到大多数学院和大学. 有兴趣以非学位学生身份上课的学生,可按以下方式申请:



选定的通识教育课程符合州立法计划的资格, 早期大学学分计划(ECCP), which allows high school students to take college classes if approved by the high school 和 if the student has met all state-specified requirements. Most Bellin College general education courses are eligible (notable exceptions include the sciences 和 NA 100).

High school students interested in taking Bellin College general education credits via ECCP should contact their high school counselor for more information.